Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Remedy (I Won't Worry)

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: The Remedy (I Won't Worry)

1. What's the remedy for you to stop worrying?

2. What is your favorite summertime beverage?

3. Do you use any freeware on your computer? If yes, do tell.

4. What is one thing about your home that has to be just so or it drives you crazy when it comes to organization?

5. Is there a specific subject you're especially curious about? A person? A region of the world? An animal? A field of study?

6. What do you consider your most interesting trait?

7. What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

8. Who do you want to yell at to “get a grip!”?

9. What do you wear to particularly look great for a party or event?

Thanks so much for joining us again at Saturday: 9. As always, feel free to come back, see who has participated and comment on their posts. In fact sometimes, if you want to read & comment on everyone's responses, you might want to check back again tomorrow. But it is not a rule. We haven’t any rules here. Join us on next Saturday for another version of Saturday: 9, "Just A Silly Meme on a Saturday!" Enjoy your weekend!


Unknown said...

enjoyed answering the questions...

happy saturday 9!

jennifer said...

I've started a new meme that posts questions on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please come check it out:

Amber said...

Considering all the things going on in my life, worrying was a great topic! Thanks!

Amber said...
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Sreisaat said...

Hi Sam... I enjoyed this week's meme, too. Have a great weekend.

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Unknown said...

Do you have a button for your Meme?
I would like to add you to my directory.
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Jenna Jones said...

Great questions!

Eileen Leacock said...

trying something new; life can be complicated and full with worry so I look forward to my answers.

Selina said...

Hi all pls visit my entry here

Thanks happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

I found your site thru What a fun idea!! It's fun to document things like this and I love blog prompts:)
Happy Saturday 9!